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Nosotros Team

"We have a vision of it (Nosotros) as a brotherhood, with all of us trying to help one another and to establish a clear dialogue with writers, directors and producers. We have a vision of purity, and we hope to give it some dignity as well." - Ricardo Montalbán, LA Times 1994


Joel M. Gonzales - President
Producer - Action Faith Media
Email: Joel.Gonzales@NosotrosOrg.org
Reko Moreno 1st Vice Chair
Founder & CEO - Kreativo Media

Isaac Cuevas - 2nd Vice Chair
Arenas VP of Publicity & Promotions

Natalia Ochoa - Board Secretary
Actress / Activist

Elias Zepeda - Board Member / Marketing
Founder & CEO - First Class Marketing


  • Andrea Cortes
  • J.M. Longoria III
  • Giovanni Porta


  • Ricardo Montalbán
  • Jerry Velasco
  • Gilbert Avila
  • Jesse Aranda


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