Our History

Our History


Ricardo Montalban, Gilbert Avila, Joe Herrea, Richard Hernandez, Val de Vargas, Rudolfo Hoyos Jr., Carlos Rivas, Tony de Marco, Robert Apodaca, Luis De Cordoba and Henry Darrow


It all began in 1970 over a cup of coffee in a Los Angeles drug store cafeteria on the corner of Beverly and La Cienega Boulevard. Ricardo Montalbán met with Gilbert Avila, Robert Apodaca, Luis De Cordoba, Val De Vargas and Rodolfo Hoyos, to strategically change the stereotypical image portrayed by Latino actors.

When they weren't playing Latin lovers, rogues, Indians, hoodlums, or servants they were cast in limited roles that had no significance. The feeling among them was that if Latinos accepted these degrading roles, they had to sacrifice personal dignity and pride in order to work at their chosen craft. The group felt that the time had come to force the Entertainment Industry into changing their view(s) of the Latinos.


The word went out and the news spread quickly and it wasn't long before Latinos from different nationalities joined the group at its first official meeting. Among them were Desi Arnaz, Anthony Quinn, Ines Pedroza, Fernando Lamas, Vikki Carr, Mario Machado, Tony De Marco, Henry Darrow, Richard Hernandez, Linda Cristal, and many more! Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Nicaraguans, Cubans, South Americans and Anglos joined to share the SAME DREAM. The evolving spirit was devoted to making it into a reality.

To celebrate the founding of Nosotros a special kickoff event was produced by Antonio De Marco,  held at the Hollywood Bowl in August, 1970. Headlining the show were Hollywood's Who's Who; including Ricardo Montalban himself, Desi Arnaz, Anthony Quinn, Vikki Carr, Charlton Heston, and even Frank Sinatra! The house was filled to capacity and from that evening forward the Entertainment Industry felt the magnitude of the influence that Latino entertainers had over the community. It was a long and arduous process, but studio heads, media and press began to take notice. Many avenues that had been traditionally closed finally opened, not only in front of, but behind-the camera as well.


Soon after its formation, Nosotros created the Golden Eagle Awards, not a competitive awards ceremony, but a celebration and recognition of individuals whose work fulfills Nosotros' mission, as well as, companies who have provided opportunities and employment to Latinos/Hispanics in the Performing Arts. In years to follow Nosotros opened the doors for many Latinos and other Latinos organizations.

One of the greatest accomplishments for Nosotros came in 1999 when it formed The Ricardo Montalbán Foundation and bought the historic Doolittle Theater in Hollywood and renamed the theater in Ricardo's honor. It became the first major theater facility in the U.S. to carry the name of a Latino performing artist.


Our founding history shows us that handful of people can make the difference. The efforts of our Founders making contacts and focusing on innovative ideas to change the old school of thought inspire us!

Nosotros is still a growing institution, constantly adding and creating new programs which are beneficial and needed by the community. We ask for your support and invite you to JOIN US in continue the mission and values set fourth by Ricardo Montalbán and our founders!

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